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Arcade Style
Controller for Nostalgia
$ 349
Recreate the Real Arcade Accuracy
Natively supports Konaste Nostalgia (the official PC version of Nostalgia).
Brand new customized high-speed chip with 1ms ultra-low input latency performed on PC.
The tactile force and travel distance to reach the activation point is identical to the arcade cabinet's.
NOSTROLLER features rugged and durable all-metal casing, offering an highly aesthetic appearance.
NOSTROLLER supports velocity adjustment, varied lighting effects, customizable light colors and firmware update,
designed for enthusiasts who strive to achieve the utmost goals.
Plug & Play
NOSTROLLER has varied key mapping modes that can be switched easily.
The premium touch feel
Smooth-running and scratchless pressing and rebound feelings
All-metal casing
Solid and durable
Plug & Play
Natively supports Konaste Nostalgia (Nostalgia PC Version),
no driver required.
NOSTROLLER can be switched from varied
modes easily by pressing the
key combination.
The feel of the keys
The tactile force and travel distance to reach the activation point for keys and springs inside the NOSTROLLER is
identical to the arcade cabinet's, resulting in the exactly same feeling to the arcade.
Keys and linked and controlled to a GAMO2 customized high-speed microcontroller,
the input latency is only 1ms.
Aluminum Unibody Enclosure
NOSTROLLER features a thickened metal case, manufactured by a high-precision CNC machining center,
effectively reducing the resonance noise while playing. The metal surface after 11 processes
such as oxidation treatment is easy to clean hand sweat and stains,
and it can also ensure that while playing extremely difficult charts,
intense movements will not cause the controller to shift around.
Key Velocity Response Adjustment
The DAOdesign team has developed a special key response adjustment software for NOSTROLLER, which is optimized for the "recital" mode, making it easy to find the preferred velocity output suits every player.
Varied Lighting Effect Programs
NOSTROLLER provides 3 different lighting effect programs and supports selecting and applying any color with specific software.
It also supports color preset export and facilitates the sharing among players and in the community.
What’s in the Box
User's Manual
USB-A to USB-C Cable
USB-A to USB-B Cable
User's Manual
USB-A to USB-C Cable
USB-A to USB-B Cable
List of Combination of Keys
Switch to the preferred mode by pressing the key combinations.
Key Combinations
FN + B2
KONAMI Nostalgia PC
Key Combinations
FN + B3
Custom USB device
Key Combinations
FN + B4
Any game using a keyboard
Key Combinations
FN + B5
Any game using the generic game controller
Double click FN , The button light corresponding to the current mode is light up
  • Physical Specifications
  • Length:780mm
  • Width:127mm
  • Height:50mm
  • Net weight:5.2 kg
  • USB cable length:2 m
  • Compatible OS
  • Windows 10
  • Supported Game
  • Konaste Nostalgia (Official Nostalgia PC Version)
  • Warranty
  • 180 days.
  • Requirements
  • The USB Type-B Port is used for data transfer, to ensure stability, it is RECOMMENDED to connect NOSTROLLER to the USB port from the PC's MOTHERBOARD. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use a USB hub, and it is NOT RECOMMENDED to connect NOSTROLLER to PC using the USB port on the front panel of the PC case.
  • The USB Type-C Port is used for power support for LED lighting. The voltage must be at 5V, it is RECOMMENDED to use a USB port supplying more than 1A of current. The USB Type-C port supports PD and QC protocols. It supports USB C to C cable.
  • Technical Specifications
  • USB report rate: 1000Hz (1ms)
  • Master control chip: 32-bit ARM
  • Package Contents
  • NOSTROLLER Game Controller
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable, 1 PCS
  • USB-A to USB-B Cable, 1 PCS
  • User's Manual