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ASC series
Arcade style controller
$ 289
The ultimate home controller.
GITALLER is coming for the players who like playing GuitarFreak and GITADORA games by arcade style playing at home.
It has all the elements of arcade operations, redesigned arcade pick, full-size arcade buttons,
the redesign of the key travel, supports 3-axis gyroscope, wire storage function,
support the firmware upgrades in the future. Just to satisfy the ultimate goal of professional players.
The pick of the arcade specification
The torque of the pick is perfect for high-speed continuous picking.
The button with mechanical switch
Quick response, 2.5mm key travel.
Gyroscope inside.
Supports multiple trigger methods
Plug and play
Supports WINDOWS 32-bit and 64-bit, plug and play without driver.
Will support PlayStation2 in the future
The pick
Redesigned according to the structure of the arcade machine, robust and durable.
Response speed in milliseconds.
The buttons
Coming with Kailh box brown mechanical switch, 70 million cycles of life.
The new designed corbelled structure, 2.5mm key travel, perfect pushing feeling.
The gyroscope
3-axis gyroscope inside.
Output X, Y, Z axis value (0-255)
The operation of raising your hand.
The new algorithm supports 3 kinds operation of raising hands.
Approximately 35°, quickly raise the neck of the guitar and output at the same time
Wailing Up and Wailing Down
Approximately 45° to 90° output
Wailing Up
Approximately 0° to 10° output
Wailing Down
Cable storage
Comes with a cable box for easy storage of USB cables.
Don't worry about winding anymore.
  • Size and Weight
  • Length: about 79.7 cm
  • Width: about 24.6 cm
  • Height: about 6.5 cm
  • Net weight: about 2.5 kg
  • Package weight: about 5.9 kg
  • USB cable length: about 2 m
  • Compatible game platform
  • Windows 7 or Later
  • PlayStation2 (supported by converter in the future)
  • Adapted games
  • DTX Mania ( A simulator software )
  • MAME ( A simulator software )
  • GuitarFreak on PlayStation2 (Future support)
  • Requirements
  • It is recommended to connect the USB directly to the PC motherboard, and please don't use the USB HUB.
  • Technical parameter
  • USB report rate: 1000Hz (1 millisecond)
  • Main chip: 32 bit ARM
  • Default button set
  • Button: Kailh Box Brown switch (70 million cycles life)
  • Springs for pick: DJDAO customized
  • Key travel: 2.5mm±0.3mm
  • What's in the box
  • GITALLER Game Controller
  • Guitar strap
  • The manual