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GITALLER The tutorial to switch the shaft circuit board

Please read this tutorial carefully before doing it, it's a bit long. 

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ 

Total time: about 15-20 minutes.

Golden switch axis circuit board, suitable for 3 finger players;

Brown switch axis circuit board, suitable for 4 finger players;

The above is for reference only.

1  Tools list.

①Phillips screwdriver (preferably with magnetic);

②2.5mm hexagon socket screwdriver;

2 Use a 2.5mm hexagon socket screwdriver to loosen the 2 screws at the strap position. Be careful not to unscrew it, just loosen it.

3  Follow the order in the figure, unscrew the screws.

4 Unscrew 10 screws.

5 Steps to open the bottom cover.

①Open from the upper part of the bottom shell;

②Unplug the 5PIN USB cable;

③Loosen the line clip that fixes the USB cable;

6 Remove the screws by order.

7  Unscrew the 2 screws of the gyro PCB.

8  Unscrew the 4 screws of the shaft PCB.

9  Take out the shaft PCB and remove the 6PIN wire.

①From this position, push upward;

10  Remove the keycaps.

11  Remove 10 limit blocks.

①Push your finger down gently to the position in the picture (TIPS: The distance is about 1mm; Excessive force will cause damage.)

②Push the limit block laterally;

③1 successful, no damage;

12  Install the keycap to the gold switch shaft PCB.

①After installation, please check the 5 keycaps, the heights should be same;

13  Install the limit block.

①Pay attention to the direction;

②1 successful;

③10 successful;

14 Install gold switch shaft PCB.

①There is a 0.2mm gap here. If the keys are rubbed, you can slightly adjust the PCB by left and right, up and down;

15 Install the wire harness.

①Remove the screws on the original PCB;

②Install it on the new PCB;

16 Install the gyroscope PCB.

17 Use the wire harness to fix the wire position.

① Note that here, the wire and DIP, left some gaps;

② As shown in the picture, fix the wire;

18 Install the screws.

①Lift the neck of the guitar lightly with your hands, which makes it easier to install 4 screws;

②Tighten the screws by order;

19 Handle Select, Start button wire.

① Please handle the wires of the Select and Start buttons as shown in the figure. (Otherwise, the wire will be crushed.)

20 Handle the bottom cover.

①Insert 5PIN USB cable;

②As shown in the figure, carry out the wire harness;

③The condition with the bottom cover closed;

21  The order of the bottom cover screws.

③④Don't tighten too much;

22  The button friction is too large, how to deal with it?

①Try to keep the gaps uniform. If there is obvious friction, please adjust the shaft PCB;

②Shaft PCB, can be fine-tuned 0.2mm in 4 directions;

23  Done

If you encounter a difficult problem, please contact us by email.

Please provide detailed photos and problems, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for purchasing GITALLER.